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South Carolina RV Resorts and Marina

​How would you like to live, boat or camp on a pristine 71,000 acre lake with 1200 miles of shoreline where you can safely eat as many fish as you catch because the lake is just that clean! 

How would you like to catch fish as long as the tail gate on a pickup truck?

How would you like to have a lake so big it seems like there are hardly any boats on it...which means you can water ski any time of the day (not just before all the boaters wake up and churn up the water).

How would you like your kids and grand kids to feel safe just being kids? Where they can run, jump, swim, fish, make friends, build strong muscles and make great memories.

How would you like to bring your camper, your boat and all your water toys and store them at the lake so that all you have to do is get in your car on Friday afternoon with your cooler and your family and friends and head to the lake for a weekend of rest, relaxation and fun?

If that sounds good to you then you are our kind of people. Come experience Plum Branch Yacht Club on beautiful Lake J. Strom Thurmond. 

Our Lake Thurmond camping site is in the town of Plum Branch, in McCormick County, SC. Lake Thurmond is the portion of the Savannah River just above Augusta, GA and North Augusta, SC where a dam was built from 1946 through 1954 by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to create Clarks Hill Lake, which was renamed Lake J. Strom Thurmond in 1988. Just take US 221, which crosses the J Strom Thurmond Dam at Clarks Hill, to the SC side of the lake and turn north. Go about 14 miles to the town of Plum Branch. Turn at The Corner Store. Go to the end of the road. You will know when you have arrived because it feels like you have just entered paradise at our South Carolina marina!

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